24-Hour Comics Day Singapore
Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day
Saturday, 1 October 2016
The challenge: Create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours!
Singapore chapter of www.24hourcomicsday.com
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Rules of Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2014

  • Have fun, be creative, and encourage one another!
  • Participants must register online. Registration is free.
  • The 24 hours include meals and breaks.
  • Participants are free to move in and out of the venue during the 24-hour period, but need to be present at the starting and ending times.
  • Participants may choose any theme to work on. There is no restriction, as long as you exercise common sense and stay within legal boundaries.

Health issues: Not everyone can work non-stop on a comic for 24 hours. Your brain may turn into jelly. Your fingers may fall off. Your eyeballs may explode. But seriously, if you have a medical condition, please be responsible for yourself by making sure you bring your medication and take it as needed. If in doubt, DO NOT participate in 24 Hour Comics Day. Do this at your own risk. You have been warned!

Standard 24-hour Comics

Most challengers choose do the the standard version 24-hour Comics which come with these rules:

  • Participants are not to make any direct preparations before the start of the challenge. That means nothing on paper beforehand.
  • Indirect preparation is allowed. Participants may prepare tools and reference materials. You may do research. You may think and plan ahead.
  • Participants may work in any medium, in any size, in print or digital form. Print works should aim for 24 pages. Digital web comics without any page boundaries should aim for 100 panels.


If for any reason you don't want to do the standard 24-hour Comics, you can try one of the variations below, or invent your own variation with your own rules.

Team Variation

In the standard 24-hour Comics, one person works on his/her own 24 pages. But comics are known to be a collaborative medium, so we allow writers and artists to team up and collaborate on one project. Please state the name of your team partner in your Mission Objective.

4-Hour Comics

This is the light version for kids or anyone new to this who wants to get a taste of the "4" in "24-hour Comics". Join us at the start, try to finish 4 pages of comics within 4 hours, and then you can go and disturb the other people and see what they're doing!

12-Hour Comics (a.k.a the Sane Variation)

This is for those who want to go home and sleep. You join the group and start at the same time, but you go home at 9pm and return 9am the next morning to continue. Then you finish at the same time as everyone else. You only do 12 pages.

Home Participant

You may be keen on doing 24-hour Comics, but you might prefer the comfort of your own home. A few friends may form a group at someone's house, complete with loud music and booze. No problem! You can register as home participants.

Home participants spend the 24 hours at home and keep your own time. At the end of 24 hours, you are invited to join us at the closing party to share your comics and vote for awards and prizes. We recommend you start at 10am on Saturday, end at 10am on Sunday, then bring your work and make your way to the venue by 12 noon for the closing party.

If you are drawing on paper, it would be best to put your pages in a folder with clear plastic pocket pages.

Your Own Variation

If you choose to deviate from the standard 24-hour Comics, please set up your own rules and spell them out clearly. State these rules in your Mission Objective when you register as a challenger.

Completing the challenge

At the end of the 24 hours, participants may or may not complete the challenge.

If you complete all your 24 pages, you may pop the champagne call yourself successful. Otherwise, you may call yourself a "noble failure". There is no shame in failure. The important thing is that you embrace the spirit of the challenge. Whatever you choose to do next, you are in good company:

Both successful completions and noble failures are encouraged to submit your works to be featured on this website.


Oh yeah, and we'll be giving out these official-looking certificates of participation to all those who suffer with us till the end :-)
Certificate of completion

The reward

The reward for you at the end is that you gain a better understanding of your inner creative process, and a deep sense of accomplishment. You will make lots of friends, and you will have loads of fun!

That's it. Really. You were expecting a prize?!!

Nah, just kidding. If you stay to the end, we will be giving out some small prizes, thanks to our generous sponsors! If anyone is interested in sponsoring prizes, please get in touch.

Showcase your work

When you have completed your work, we want you to be proud of your creation. Everyone wants to see your work, so you are encouraged to showcase it on this website, along with all the other participants. We will include your work in the Comics Showcase section of this website.

This is voluntary and not a requirement. Copyright remains with you, the creator. Any time you want your work to be removed from the site, just let us know.

After you register, you will get an email containing instructions on how to upload your scanned pages.


Check the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you want to ask anything, please feel free to contact your organizer, JF Koh. Email me here :-)