24-Hour Comics Day Singapore
Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day
Saturday, 1 October 2016
The challenge: Create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours!
Singapore chapter of www.24hourcomicsday.com
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Singapore 24 Hour Comics Day 2014

The event on Saturday 4 October 2014 at LASALLE College of the Arts attracted 180 challengers, the largest number to date (more than the previous year's 156). Half of them were students of Chris Shaw, head of the Animation department at LASALLE.

Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2014
Photo by Jason Trooper. Click for high resolution version.


Singapore 24 Hour Comics Day 2014 was supported by:

Special thanks to: Jason Trooper, our volunteer photographer; Chris Shaw for the support, logistics, fruits and mints; the awesome LASALLE students who helped out in a thousand ways!

Event Schedule

Click for photos:

Saturday, 4 Oct 2014

10 am Registration and signing of indemnity form. Allocation of tables.
10:30 am Briefing session. Quick lunch.
12 noon Ready, get set, go

Sunday, 5 October 2014

12 noon Pens down. Lunch + voting for completed works for prizes.
1 pm Closing party -- debriefing, final vote tally for prizes, prize-giving, photo taking.
Home participants are invited to join us for the closing party.
2 pm Event close


  • During the event, participants could use the website to nominate awards for their fellow challengers, just for fun. We also printed award forms and gave them out to everyone. They were encouraged to name their own awards and give them out to anyone they felt deserving. A great way to spread encouragement and good vibes! See Participants List below.
  • Real-time video chats with participants of the Toon Up group in Surabaya, and also for the first time with participants at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands.
  • 24 HR Comics Day Perspectives, a 16-minute documentary on Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2014, was sponsored by Why Keen, Christopher and Meow of Ichiro Films.
  • Justsaying.sg also did video coverage of the event.
  • Mr Tang Ho Wan of Gallant Printing generously sponsored a print comic booklet for each participant.
  • Uncle Bill Teoh, owner of Comics World, Singapore's longest running comic bookstore, paid us a visit.
  • One of our Singapore alumni from our 2012 challenge, Yan Lim, who was based in Brunei at the time, organized Brunei 12 Hour Comics Day.
  • Participants used social media hashtags to document the event: #‎24hcd‬ ‪#‎24hcdsg‬
  • 24-Hour Comics Exhibition at LASALLE College of the Arts, organized by LASALLE Animation Department, ran from 29 Nov to 7 Dec 2014, featuring a selection of works created at Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day. Click here for photos.


A total of 186 challengers registered for the event.

90 challengers from the public
(50 first-timers, 40 veterans)

  1. Wu Huijie (Veteran)
    Improve on my story telling and try out different comic genre
  2. Benjamin Chee (Veteran)
    Looking forward to embark on my yearly pilgrimage, and see what comes out of it this year. I usually do not think/prepare a story until the day of the event, and try to make something up spontaneously. To serendipity!
    Nominated for: Best Charsiew Tracker Award by Ray Toh
  3. Clio Ding (Veteran)
    I have been participating in 24hrs since it's inaugural year and find that it has always been the most productive 24 hours in my entire year, just sitting with a bunch of comrades doing what we like to do without interruption in the dead of the night. How often is one able to do that in the modern day society where our day jobs always takes priority over private creativity? Being a comic enthusiast, I'm definitely not going to miss this one!

    My goal is definitely to finish 24 pages of something I have not thought of. Should I draw more Kevin, or give myself a new challenge and take on something more complex, plot-driven and action based? Hmm.
    Nominated for: Cutest-Dino-ever creator award by James Leong
  4. Praveen Namasivayam (Veteran)
    This is a great creative outlet for me, and I loved the atmosphere and tone of the event the last time I took part. The challenge of 24 hours is a great motivator to getting stuff done. Hoping to team up with a good friend of mine who's a much better artist than me, and as always, looking forward to making some art!
  5. Chiang Yu Xiang (Veteran)
    24 hours 24 pages.
  6. Alfonsus Wong (Veteran)
    I'll be following the original rules of no direct preparation.

    My aim this year is to have fun, something I failed to do last year.
  7. Aung Cho Zan (Veteran)
    Last time challenge 2 years ago, I couldn't finish my comic because my story was very long winded and didn't say anything memorable. The comic was done with pencil sketches for all 24 pages but stuck at half way trying ink them.

    It's the choice of error on my part that i wanted to make something so long and so clean in 24 hours.

    This year, I haven't predominantly thought of a story but in terms of execution, i won't seek out to be a perfectionist and come up with faster drawings that are look good and finish fast. This is my Artistic goal.

    As for others, i'm an ex-lasalle student so coming back to lasalle doing this challenge means a lot to me for good old times. Plus my buddy is studying for BA there, i will join him just like old times.

  8. Pereira Irving Paul (Veteran)
    to discover where and how i've evolved!
    Nominated for: Most Avant Garde Art Style Botak Creator by JF Koh
    Nominated for: Most Avant Garde Art Style Botak Creator by James Leong
  9. Jerry Teo (Veteran)
    Joining to maintain my 100% record.

    And to meet up with old friends who have suffered with me through the years. You know who you are.
    Nominated for: Most Regretful Award by Chris Shaw
    Nominated for: Most regretful award by James Leong
    Nominated for: Most Regretful Award by Ray Toh
    Nominated for: Most Regretful Award by Pereira Irving Paul
  10. MD Azhar (Veteran)
    Looking forward with the same characters from last year, with a different story.
  11. Ray Toh (Veteran)
    www.raytoh.com, torei.blogspot.com
    Love the event and wanted to use it as a break for my usual work.
    Nominated for: Caveman Award by Jerry Teo
    Nominated for: Caveman award by James Leong
    Nominated for: Caveman Award by Anson Tan
  12. Stephanie Raphaela Ho (First-timer)
    Stop procrastinating and just do.
    There is a first time for everything. Trying the 9 hours comic challenge!
  13. Silvia Gunarso (Veteran)
    I want to finally finish 24 pages comic in 24 hours.
  14. Chris de Joya (Veteran)
    I have a story idea I want to try out.
  15. MaryAnn Loo (Veteran)
    Hmmmm... at this point in time I don't know what the real mission objective is, but definitely want to challenge myself to not think so much or dwell on how to get something done, but just jump in and do it. So somewhat like to overcome procrastination, but more about not letting myself over-think things, and just learn to trust my gut and my creative instinct to create 24 pages in 24 hours.
    Nominated for: Prettiest Canvas Comic Award by Megan Boey
  16. Hanse (Veteran)
    My goal is to improve on my storytelling skills and drawing speed this year. And, most importantly to enjoy myself and complete the event with a comic I am proud to call my own!

    Being a new father of three, I count my blessings that I am still able to draw and attend this event while juggling my duties as a father at home!
    Nominated for: Father of the Year by Jerry Teo
    Nominated for: Father of the year by James Leong
    Nominated for: 24 filial piety father (24孝爸爸) by Ong Hoey Siang
  17. Chew (First-timer)
    Haven't drawn a single comic yet - stuck at home doing studies.

    So this is an attempt to see my current standard.
  18. Raj (Veteran)
    Another year and back again with more whacky nocturnalia on paper :D
  19. Tran Dac Trung (First-timer)
    I have done a few comics of my own, but somehow after completion it always feels like my comics lack something (beside my inadequate art). And I never feel satisfied with my story either.

    This challenge is where I hope to force myself to illustrate a simple story, with more focus on storytelling rather than the complex scope of the story itself. A man and a dog, a kid on the street, those are the type of stories I want to make into a comic for this competition.
    Nominated for: Super Good At Using Markers Award by Megan Boey
  20. Theodore Teo (Veteran)
    I have always been a perfectionist and therefore would procrastinate a lot would like to take my opportunity to break that procrastination. Even though I am not as talented as some other people who can easily whip out a good drawing in one shot, I want to see what it would be like ACTUALLY finishing a comic for once.
  21. Charlene (First-timer)
    I've built up a lot of stories in my head since I first started drawing and I want to challenge myself to put at least one of them into motion!
  22. Dinah Wee (Veteran)
    Hello!!! This will be my fourth time participating in the actual challenge.

    What I appreciate about 24HCD is that it proves that things can indeed be done, which is very encouraging. You grow with each challenge and find your own individual way to get stuff done.

    My goals are to simply have fun, and create a little something I would personally cherish.

    I have started a very small preparation in the form of an interactive mini-comic, which embarrassingly needs a bit more commitment.
  23. Andrew Wong (Veteran)
    I will use this opportunity to create a short scenario that has been on my mind for quite some time now.
  24. Ong Hoey Siang (First-timer)
    I'm going to do 8-10 pages of comics. The challenge for me is to complete a comic making process within 24 hours non stop.
  25. Roro Mina Anindya (First-timer)
    I've been dealing with depression and eating disorder for almost 5 years now. I spent my entire teenage years feeling miserable and that SUCKS !! I'm so sick of feeling useless and unworthy all the time. This challenge will be the start of the new me. I want to show myself that I actually can accomplish something and I'm not a friggin failure. I SWEAR i'll finish this even if it's the last thing i'll do.
    Nominated for: Most Courageous and Inspiring Mission Objective by JF Koh
    Nominated for: Most Courageous and Inspiring Mission Objective by Ong Hoey Siang
  26. Clement Ng (First-timer)
    This is my first time participating, I hope to gain more experience and confidence in making comics. My goal is to finish all 24 pages.
  27. Kelly Bender (First-timer)
    I will be trying to write a complete comic book script in 24 hours.

    That's 1 page an hour.

    I will NOT be drawing.

    I will be writing a new script (either based off of an existing property of mine or something new)

    It's important to me to help spread the word of comic books in Singapore and to get energized by the amazing art & writing talent we have here.
    Nominated for: Most Prolific Creator from Canada and Devoted Family Guy by JF Koh
  28. Danger Gene! (Veteran)
    Our mission? To draw the best damn funnybooks a person can draw inside of 24. Our goal? To survive and bring back the gold... I mean, the paper! Viva el comic book!
    Nominated for: Noisiest and Funniest Bearded Ang-Mo Guy In The Room by JF Koh
    Nominated for: The Gru Award for Villianary by Chris Shaw
    Nominated for: Noisy Ang Mo award by James Leong
    Nominated for: Most Consistently Awesome Radio Station Deejays by Praveen Namasivayam
  29. Jansen Low (Veteran)
    I've done 24HCD only once in 2011 to challenge to test myself against the pros. A lot has happened in my life since then but unfortunately, nothing much on my drawing skills. :p

    Coming back to rekindle and strength old friendships and acquaintance and at the same time have fun! And of course, to make up lost time in drawing...
  30. Anson Tan (Veteran)
    To create and exciting story towards young amd mature demographic, this time I'll bring new skills I learned over the course of 1 year.

    Creating smiles and laughter hopefully.
  31. Jasmine Chia (Veteran)
    Recently, while joining D&D sessions with my buddies, Andrew came up with an idea of drawing out our adventures into a 4-column manga. But due to laziness or fatigue (don't know which one lol) after a full day of work, I didn't manage to do one. What a shame! My resolution for this year's event is complete a couple of them. Osu!
  32. caleb tan (First-timer)
    ive been saying "i'll do it next year" for the longest time. i want to start saying "i'll do it next year again but better than this year's".
  33. Tan Jek Jan (First-timer)
    To make tons of new friends and SURVIVE the 24 hours
  34. Christal Kuna (Veteran)
    This will be my fourth 24HCD, and as usual for the past two, the main draw's meeting lots of awesome people! I've made less art in this year than any other since I started drawing seriously, so it's also just to force myself to get some sort of creative output.

    For this year's challenge I'm hoping to do a team variation and collaborate with a writer friend, which will be something entirely new. We'll see what happens!
  35. Shi Mun Woo (First-timer)
    I've always enjoyed drawing, especially comics, hence nothing will make me feel more alive than to do nothing but draw comics. Joining this event will also help me to concentrate on works which I have been thinkibg of but have yet to draw, and give me more inspiration by hanging out with like-minded people
  36. James Leong (Veteran)
    Like last year, I will be participating in Team Variation with a writer-partner.
    It was done digitally last year so I will try something traditional: paper, pens, pencils, watercolors, brush and eraser.
    24 pages of madness with a bunch of insanely funny enthusiasts under the same roof 24 hours!
    Where else can you find such fun?
    Lets Rock!
    Nominated for: Awesomest Botak Creator by JF Koh
    Nominated for: Best Martial Art Comic Creator by Ong Hoey Siang
  37. Ho Wai Hong (Veteran)
    I have a habit of not finishing the things I start. Let's see where we are with respect to this.
    Nominated for: Most Fantastic Vegetarian Comic Artist by Ong Hoey Siang
  38. Mervin Chee (First-timer)
    Will be pacing myself to push out a working short story within the 24hrs, as well as make to new friends & drawing kakis!
  39. Eurika Yusin Gho (First-timer)
    Drawing straight for 24 hours is something I have never done before, which makes me feel pretty excited to give it a go.
  40. Valkyrie (First-timer)
    Trying a 4-Hour Comics. I want to try challenging my creativity, and it's an outlet for me to discharge the pessimism that has been building up in me for the past year. I want to start with something small; not too stressing for me.
  41. Natalia (First-timer)
    i want to experience an environment surrounded by fellow artists trying to complete our goals.
    and hopefully make a friend or two.

    i want to see how far i can go.

    and of course, hopefully be able to finish 24 pages in 24 hours!
  42. June Ong (Veteran)
    Doing the team variation with Amy Ong
  43. kelvin chan (First-timer)
    See what I'm capable of achieving in 24hrs
    Nominated for: Best Father-Daughter Combo by JF Koh
  44. Woofer Rae (First-timer)
    See if I can do it
  45. Cai Lixian (Veteran)
    This is important because I've missed the last 2 or 3 24-hour comic days! Also, I find that it's always great to sit down for 24 hours to force myself to finish one of the many stories that float around my head. And as always, the challenge to finish 24 pages in 24 hours excites me.
  46. Maggie Hon (First-timer)
    This is my first time to participate in this event, and also the first time to do comics(beside a storyboard). I'll try my best to complete 24 pages within 24 hours, in a fun and relaxing way. Hopefully I'm still awake in the middle of the night.=D

    We'll see how it goes!!
  47. Quek Ming Wei (Veteran)
    Yes, yes and yes -- all of the above. I tend to deliberate on my ideas so much and for such a long time that I eventually forget why I had those ideas in the first place, or lose interest in them, or (horrors!) come to the conclusion that they're lousy and therefore not worth working on.

    Which is why I hope I can push myself as much as I can through this challenge, hopefully in an analogue medium that gives no room for the OCD side of me to redo any mistakes. Because those mistakes are part of the process. And I want to learn to be proud of them (preferably with a crazy laugh) than to cringe at the sight of them.

    (Big thanks too to my good friend who jio-ed me again to this event even though I'd earned a Noble Failure as a home participant back in 2012. :>)
  48. Calvin Chua (First-timer)
    Energy field
    I experienced it during the last few weeks of my final year project submission in university, where everyone around doing things that really mean something to them, with deadlline closing in. Now I want to feel it again!!

    Project and Management
    Hopefully the result can be helpful for my 2nd book. I understand my limitation, but will try to push it whenever possible, not too concern on this part.
  49. Wayne Rée (Veteran)
    There are things. Sometimes I write them. One of those things will be with Danger Gene. That thing is a comic. Words. Pictures. Alchemy! BOOM!
    Nominated for: El Writer With the Biggest Beard by JF Koh
    Nominated for: Most Consistently Awesome Radio Station Deejays by Praveen Namasivayam
  50. Danial Seman (First-timer)
    To make my first ever full comic
  51. Sarah Moses (First-timer)
    I've been meaning to draw a comic for some time but always leave them in their draft stage so this will be a goal for me to complete a good oneshot.
    Nominated for: Owner Of Cutest Horsy Pillow Award by Megan Boey
  52. Hoo yan han (First-timer)
    I've always doodled short, one paged comics but never tried a full length one; I have inklings of a story idea but never got around to developing it. Hopefully this will help me stop my procrastination and finally let me get it out of my system!
  53. Woo Ying Tong (First-timer)
    I have generally failed at comics, by doing nothing. At least now if I fail, I will be failing at doing Something. And hopefully, it will be the beginning of overcoming that fear of failing at something I love.
  54. Loke Mun Mun (First-timer)
    To get out of my comfort zone as an illustrator, and to just YOLO on 24 pieces of paper. To find out if my work done in a rush could still meet the legit standard... To enjoy going overnight with my friend who draws as well... 😅 Any more I think I'd go cray cray haha
  55. Chua Eng Chee (Veteran)
    Hi, I'm going to try to finish 8 to 10 pages of comic. This is a good catalyst to start a project I've been wanting to embark on.
  56. Tan Kwang Yang (Veteran)
    Just wanna complete a comic.
  57. Marcus Lin (Veteran)
    So over the past few times of 24h comics, I'd managed to somewhat pull it off, but the polish and readability of the comic tends to go haywire, partly because i didn't have any thing in mind prior to event.

    This year, I'm entering with some preparation work done, and aiming to do a 12-hours variation, 12 pages with polish in mind.
  58. Kelwin Kwan (Veteran)
    Complete a 12-page comic!
  59. Shamine King (First-timer)
    I draw all day every day, and while I love my sleep it's an interesting challenge I've wanted to try for a few years now. I'm a perfectionist who likes to plan things in advance so this will be something new.
  60. Andrew Chow (Veteran)
    To have fun and meet old friends.
  61. Seetoh Jian Qing (First-timer)
    My goal is just to have fun. I am not any good at drawing- or at any creative ventures in particular. But this sounds fun. I think I am going to have a lark.
  62. Cid Lacuesta (First-timer)
    I want to be able to overcome laziness and procrastination, two of the things holding me back in my creative progress.
    Nominated for: Talking To Paper To Make It Dry Faster Award by Megan Boey
  63. Eugene Lim (Veteran)
    Back again, here's hoping my wrist doesn't hurt at the end!
  64. Kaderman (First-timer)
    hiya! Aiming for 20 - 24 panels in 24 hrs. main aim is to finish and clean up later. good luck everybody!
  65. Yvonne Ng (First-timer)
    I am getting rather tired of dreaming up ideas, penning them down and then consequently losing them into this growing pile of dust, set aside and never visited again. Real life can be a BIG distraction sometimes.

    This will be a great chance to challenge myself to finish what I have started - against a realistic goal, there will be less chance to procrastinate and lapse into extreme perfectionism.

    I feel that with working experience, I have become a different person. I know that my eye is a better judge now, my heart is in the right direction and my hands are certainly used to creating better things now. The ultimate result will attest to it, I know!
  66. Hamimah Nordin (First-timer)
    I want to do the 4-hour variation.
  67. Francis Mathew Wong (First-timer)
    I've always wanted to create and finish my own comic, I guess this is a perfect opportunity to force myself to do it (because I'm a lazy bum and I need things forced on me...that didn't sound right). Pretty much the stuff mentioned on the "Mission Objective" sums up why I want to participate...plus getting to meet new people is always a treat.
  68. Gary Choo (First-timer)
    I've been doing illustration with too much careful planning and never truly done sequential art before. With the 24hr challenge perhaps it can be more forgiving. Just giving it a shot and looking at what I can do in 24 hours with a style that's more raw and viable.
    Nominated for: Biggest Underachiever Award by Jerry Teo
  69. Reuben Liang (First-timer)
    Will be working with a super-talented (and humble) artist friend of mine to create a comic collab! (altho' I'm mostly just thinking of story ideas)

    I'm curious about finding new ways to tell old stories (there ain't nothing new under the sun, but each flower blooms differently), and I'm honoured to have a partner who is committed to translating those ideas into a visual artform :)

    Personally, I'm also a huge fan of Steven Pressfield's conception of the Muse, and I hope to be a worthy vessel - but I'm a bit rusty, so really, if I do come up with anything at all that's vaguely comprehensible and meaningful at the same time... yay\o/

    Definitely am joining this competition to see where my edge is when it comes to story telling (more so that I can shine it when I get back, then to actually flaunt it)... and of course, the challenge of adapting to a crazy work schedule (thank goodness for fellow artist friend)! :D
  70. Kwong Han Jie (Veteran)
    Last year, I managed to draw up 24 Pages of 4-Koma within the time limit. However, I had a script, which made it alot easier to accomplish so for this year, I'll be doing the same challenge of 24 Pages, except I will only be going in with a basic plot in mind to challenge myself on spontaneous story creation and I will be doing a full fledged 24 page comic instead, which will be a first for me.
  71. Cynthia Tedy (Veteran)
    Draw something more fine-tuned while maintaining a good speed along the process. And of course to enjoy the event itself!
    Nominated for: Ridiculously impressive 24 pages completed in under 12 hours by Chris Shaw
  72. Matthew Graham (Veteran)
    I have a big problem with perfectionism, and end up taking way too much time on art pieces and drawings. After participating as a student last year, I found that I can actually be greatly productive if I give myself concrete deadlines. I wish to practice that again this year! Also I just really, really like comics.
  73. Lim Tin Yuen (First-timer)
    facebook - sayitwithamonster, madebytin
    I have no idea what to draw! But stress and dateline aways works for me, so let's do it!
  74. Steven Jap (First-timer)
    Aiming to complete a 24 page comic with traditional medium and see how far I can go.
  75. Peck Jun Hao (First-timer)
    I want the experience , the stress of mangakas when reaching deadlines and thinking up crucial elements on the spot.
    Nominated for: epic winning by anon
  76. muhammad hafiz bin norman (First-timer)
    i wanna feel the joy of a mass event for artists!
    Nominated for: THE MOKEY AWARD (having the most creative nickname) by anon
  77. Alfred Lau (First-timer)
    I just want to write a good story, and see it come into life. My goal is to help Clement (#26/27) finish the comic!
  78. Azridjokoloro (First-timer)
    I'm always slow at drawing, so I guess this is where I test my speed. I've never drawn a comic before so yeah maybe it's time I try something new too. And usually halfway drawing at home I'll end up in the kitchen looking for food. Hahaha.. Oh yeah I wanna make new friends too!
    Nominated for: Most Black And Red Items In One Person's Possession Award by Megan Boey
    Nominated for: Too Many Monster Dicks Award by Megan Boey
  79. Grace P.Pop (First-timer)
    There is a storyline which I would like to pen down in words and pictures. This event will kick start my drawing engine, driven by a limited time frame. Go go go!
  80. Zhang Zhikai, Justin (First-timer)
    I've always wanted a challenge. And I've always loved comics. Been sketching on and off in my life. I want to better understand both my work, and myself. I want my story to be told. Expressing myself through this medium has given me more satisfaction then most things have.
  81. Takahan tan (First-timer)
    Just to have fun
  82. Ryan Chew Tze Hao (First-timer)
    I'm gonna take part in the 4 hour one cos like I have like other stuff but id rather do the 24hr one cuz like its sooper dee doper slooper scooper storm..... trooper. um. yeah...... OKEY BEI BEI.
  83. Noah Lee (First-timer)
    Lets do it! Let the young and youthful fury burn inside me!
    Nominated for: Artist With World Tightest Jeans by Anson Tan
  84. Sharilyn tang (First-timer)
    Doing the 4 hour challenge
    Nominated for: Best award namer and giver by someone
  85. Ang Shi Ying (First-timer)
    Doing the 4 hour variation as it is my first time doing anything like this. I hope to have fun doing the event.
    Nominated for: cutest rabbit drawing evar by anon
  86. marc leong (First-timer)
    lets draw my first comic story
  87. Goh Zhi Ying (First-timer)
    To aid with overcoming a major creative block, basically to stretch my creativity and see how far it can go. To try new things and make new friends, too!
  88. tim webb (First-timer)
    over come procrastination

    and its nice to be part of something
  89. Dorothy Ding (Veteran)
    Team variation, partnering with James Leong. He draw I write. Lidat lah.
  90. Jay kwan (First-timer)
    Will be there at ard 5pm due to a crash of another event..

6 home participants

  1. Wang Yidan (Veteran) (Home participant)
    bigger than bigger
  2. Shi Yingjia (Veteran) (Home participant)
    bigger than bigger
  3. Jocelyne (First-timer) (Home participant)
    I only did short comics and therefore had never finished a 24 pages comic before. Hence I wanted to challenge myself this time and stop procrastinating.
  4. Nguyen Ngoc Van Anh (First-timer) (Home participant)
    To be able to see how far I can push myself, see where i stand among the talented people.
  5. Pham Truong Son (Veteran) (Home participant)
    To create awesome artwork ;)
  6. Suhaimi Salleh (Veteran) (Home participant)
    I am just going to do my best to create a good piece of work. Hope I can finish at least 20 pages this time. Simple pen on paper, going back to basics.

90 challengers from LASALLE
(41 first-timers, 49 veterans)

  1. Melinda Chong (Veteran)
    I wish to be faster and go past the pencils stage for this year.
  2. zin zin phyo (First-timer)
    I would like to challange myself like pushing the limit. I love to make comics. I want to see the outcome.
  3. Kong Yee Rou (Veteran)
    Working in a limited time frame gives me the opportunity to keep myself focused as I constantly am distracted when i work.
  4. Adam Ng (Veteran)
    Mission Objective: Have a casual and fun time producing an action comic for a personal idea.
  5. Theresa Cheong (Veteran)
    Finish a piece of work fast and good, not fast and shoddy.
  6. Ynno Louis Idanan (Veteran)
    To try and at thr least, give out a decent piece of comic.
  7. Almira Desiani Khanna (Veteran)
    I like drawing.
  8. Nicholas Oh (First-timer)
    Sounds like a great idea to challenge myself to finish a comic in a given time and not procrastinate. I accept the challenge.
    Nominated for: The loudest sneeze ever, like ever. by Manan
  9. Lance Lim (First-timer)
    I have always enjoyed making my own stories and to share my stories with the public has always been one of my biggest dreams. The things that have been holding me back from my dream include my bad drawing and writing skills and low self-confidence.

    My goals are to complete a comic of one of my stories, learn more from others in the process, and most importantly boost my confidence.
  10. Christabel Rae Mervyn (First-timer)
    I want to finish something for myself.
  11. Griselda (First-timer)
    This challenge is good to push me to finish a project in one go, and take confidence in the story I've thought up instead of second guessing and changing it all the time (which sometimes result in not finishing the project at all).
    It's also a good practice to draw faster.
    Nominated for: Level Headed Classmate's Award For Most Appropriate Reminder To Just Go To Sleep Already by Megan Boey
  12. Sara Sim (Veteran)
    Beating procrastination and producing something worthwhile.
  13. Quan Jiuzhou (Veteran)
    Doing homework always no more than 3 hours. This will be a challenge for my concentration and patience.
  14. andrian (Veteran)
    producing something in a strict limited amount of time? good practice for time management
  15. geraldine toh yih jia (Veteran)
    I wish to express my life story and showcase my drawing talents.
  16. Donna Lye (Veteran)
    To attempt to be awesome.
    Nominated for: Jamie Hewlett Award for Tank Girl Attitude by Chris Shaw
  17. Tran Vu Phuong Hoa (First-timer)
    I just want to challenge myself in storytelling and creating a comic on my own.
    Nominated for: Made Chris Shaw Happy by bel
    Nominated for: Tear Jerker Award by anon
    Nominated for: Tear Jerker Award by Clara K
    Nominated for: Many Manly Tears Are Shed Award by anon
  18. Megan Boey (First-timer)
    I want to put my speed at drawing, storyboarding and overall storytelling to the test, and to learn how to manage my time efficiently by using this experience. Hopefully I'll also make new friends along the way and be inspired, maybe inspire!
    Nominated for: Best awarder award by Clara K
  19. Tang Ying Hui (Veteran)
    Try to be efficient with the planning for the comic. Would like to do a simple light-hearted story this time round.
  20. lewis sang wai kit (Veteran)
    To complete 24pages of comic.
  21. Clara K. Supeno (First-timer)
    To improve my storytelling and how do I make those stories with comic panels.
    oh, and speed too. Since I'm a little bit slow in drawing.
    Nominated for: Most Alarming Laughing Fits Ever by Megan Boey
  22. Savannah Logsdon (Veteran)
    I'm most productive when I sit down and do a project start to finish. I like completely immersing myself in work and seeing the finished product.
    It's satisfying to set out to do a task and get it down in 24 hours. In school, you often work on projects for weeks on end, so it's a nice contrast to my usual school work.
  23. Prescilia Khoo (Veteran)
    To finish all 24 pages in 24 hours
  24. Alice Chen (Veteran)
    Because I have to.
  25. Low Hui Li (Veteran)
    I want to be able to complete a full original comic within the given amount of time.
  26. Hong Gah Yain (Veteran)
    To overcome procrastination.
  27. Cassandra Rushton (Veteran)
    Overcome mental blocks!
    Nominated for: Lewis Carroll Award for.... . . . .. . . . ...."Where am I?" by Chris Shaw
  28. htetnaykyaw (First-timer)
    i just wanna be good at 3d animation
  29. Grace Ong (Veteran)
    Do my best and improve on making stories along with making better characters.
  30. Gita Nur Rakhmawati (First-timer)
    I want to improve my skill in storytelling and also improve my speed in drawing in order to meet the deadline.
  31. Meng Xihe (First-timer)
    I never do this before and i think it can improve me a lot.
  32. XIEBAOLING (First-timer)
    Because I want to improve myself. And I think it maybe interesting.
  33. YOU FANSHU (First-timer)
    Just join this challenge and have fun~
  34. LiChun (First-timer)
    I want to improve my patience.
  35. Adiba Mustafa (First-timer)
    I've never dedicated 24 hrs of my life to something before. It might be fun to try something new. Time to see if my all-nighter stamina can hold out! Bring it on!
  36. HONG Brian Jae Hyung (First-timer)
    I Want to challenge myself into the limit and I want to overcome my fear of failing.
    Nominated for: Most Courage Displayed in Hostile Female Environment by Chris Shaw
    Nominated for: Best Sleeper Award by Megan Boey
    Nominated for: Best Sleeper Award by Clara K
    Nominated for: Best sleeper award by bel
    Nominated for: Best Sleeper Award by Griselda
    Nominated for: Best Sleeper Award by Charlene
  37. Vincent (First-timer)
    Wish to improve drawing skill in animation
  38. Jeffrey Joju (First-timer)
    Stop procrastination and finish the things I have started and yeah get a grip on drawing cause that's one thing I find real tough... Challenge Accepted!!!
  39. Jasmine Lim Sy Shing (Veteran)
    To overcome procrastination.
  40. Alize (Veteran)
    Nominated for: C'est la Guerre Award by Chris Shaw
  41. Genevieve Yap Lai Ye (First-timer)
    Be able to work fast
  42. Teo Siew Boon Sally (First-timer)
    Love to try on new stuff .
    Trying to challenge myself within time .
  43. nicole (First-timer)
    To able to work fast and do fast.
  44. Tham Kwok Hui (Maxi) (First-timer)
    Hope to draw nice and work fast.
  45. Tang Tianshi (First-timer)
    trying to create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours?
  46. Jeremiah H. (Veteran)
    Training my composition sense
  47. Aditya Dharmady (Veteran)
    i want to hone my skills in drawing
  48. Sim Jian Hao (Veteran)
    I want to improve my own drawing skills and speed, as I am not good at it.
  49. Xavi Aseniero (Veteran)
    The challenge is important because I want to get better at writing stories and designing characters within a good amount of time. As well as practicing my work efficiency.
  50. Alfred Hadi Sumarlin (Veteran)
    Time management
  51. Grace (First-timer)
    Trying out something new.
  52. wang sen (Veteran)
    I love drawing so much and want to drawing more just enjoy it
  53. Goh Wei LI Samael (Veteran)
    Improve my time management
  54. md taufiq b suraman (First-timer)
    im hoping to able to draw fast and draw anime style. as i draw some people as anime character?
  55. Ken Tan (Veteran)
    Storybooks are pretty boring. Feels better in a comic way.
  56. Joceline Natasha (Veteran)
    I want to practice and improve my drawing and creating stories in a short amount of time
  57. Elizabeth A.S. (Veteran)
    Aside from this being mandatory for Lasalle students, I want to train my drawing skill. Being in the 3D department has limited my drawing practices and used more of my practical skills. This event might just be the opportunity to boost my drawing skills.
  58. Kai Lin (First-timer)
    I wanna improve, stop procrastinating and actually finish a project that I've started.
  59. Arjun Amirthakumar (First-timer)
    i want to test my timing in terms of submission of project and increase the speed in drawing comics and storyboards and storyboard art
  60. Amelia Purnamasari (Veteran)
    I want to challenge myself in this second chance to make a better comic than last year
  61. Mai Nguyen (Veteran)
    I like reading comic but never make comic myself. A good chance to get out of school work and try to do something I ever done before.
  62. Audrey Chan (Veteran)
    I found out last year that I can be pretty productive once I try to achieve something, also I have a chance to do something with my characters and stories that'll otherwise be unheard of or untouched.

    I just like drawing comics and this is an annual thing when people indulge me and my stupid stories.
    Nominated for: Most Globally Connected 24Hr Comics Challenger by JF Koh
  63. Varun Gokhale (First-timer)
    I would like to increase the speed and efficiency at which I draw. My first priority is to make a good comic; second is to complete it.
  64. Manan Bachkaniwala (First-timer)
    I want to improve myself and feel the tension of working in a time based project.
  65. Tan Ze Chuan (First-timer)
    i want to finish a comic in 24 hrs and see how much i can accomplish. I like drawing comics.
  66. Peggy Teng (First-timer)
    I think this is a very challenging and interesting event. I would like to challenge myself.
  67. Ong Wan Kee (Qiqi) (First-timer)
    The challenge is important to me because i wish i can improve my drawing speed of drawing and brain storming for the concept and idea. I wish i can learn and get more information through this comic challenge, it should be fun. :)
    Nominated for: Bringing the most number of snacks.. by BA level 1 animation art.
  68. Jasmine Chong Sum Meng (Veteran)
    I wanna challenge myself through this event
  69. Betty Hou Pei Hsuan (Veteran)
    Get a feel of how it may be like to be in an industry if were to work for 24 hrs. I like a good challenge
  70. Syazwani Md.Bayazid (First-timer)
    I want to mentally challenge myself.
  71. Genewin Brandon (Veteran)
    To finish 24 pages of comics like last year.
  72. chen ye (Veteran)
    Attend this event, and have some ideas, concentrate on one thing within that 24hours. Find what I. Really want.
  73. Amanda Widjaja (First-timer)
    I've always had problems with making comics, that is, not having enough time to finish. I hope with this challenge I can overcome my fear of not finish, improve my skills and speed, and most importantly, to express my creativity on paper and hopefully succeed.
    Nominated for: Most ambitious one in BA level 1. by Astrid Emeralda
  74. Leong Jia Wei (Veteran)
    I wish to try to create a short story comic that's interesting to read, the tight deadline would hopefully help creative juices flow.
  75. Hoang Dang Thuy Trang (Veteran)
    yes i want to overcome procastination and perfectionism
  76. Denise Varias (Veteran)
    practice better time management, hopefully do better than last year.
  77. Astrid Emeralda (First-timer)
    This is the first time I participate in a challenge like this- I hope i can get rid of my sense of perfectionism and procrastination and finish my work on time! I want to see my work after I done it.

    This is also a good practice to draw faster.
  78. Miyako Makio (Veteran)
    To finish a bunch of pages in limited time. Plus, meet with other comic lovers.
  79. Edmund Loh (Veteran)
    Just do it, I did it since last year.
  80. Samantha Germaine Sim (Veteran)
    For me, it's keeping to the time limit, and making it out in one piece. Allons-y! Geronimo!
  81. Abinaya Jayaprakash (Veteran)
    i want to take up the challenge because i want to learn to manage time and quality at the same time.
  82. Weenando (Veteran)
    The time has come, and will soon be gone.
    Nominated for: Most Confusing Love Story by Chris Shaw
  83. Sng Ziling (First-timer)
    To challenge myself in creating a short story visually within time limit
  84. Halis (Veteran)
    Supposed to do it.
  85. Terence (First-timer)
    to be the very best, like no one ever was
  86. Kyle Ong (First-timer)
    I've used different mediums to tell different stories but I've yet used comics to tell a story. I hope I can together with my artist, create something meaningful yet close to Singaporeans' hearts.
  87. Lim Xue Qi Joline (First-timer)
    I am doing this challenge with a close person and I feel that it would be very memorable for the both of us as creative individuals. I am up for anything that allows me to break through my limits and i think that this challenge will definitely make me a better artist. I realise that i am too much of a perfectionist and i hope to tear away from it.
  88. Muhammad Syahir Bin Adnan (Veteran)
    I just want to start a project that I've been wanting to do for awhile but didn't have the right time to do it. And mostly, just to have a blast!
    Nominated for: Most Alarming Bloodshot Eyes by Chris Shaw
  89. Jessica Gunawan (First-timer)
    I want to work under a certain time limit, to challenge myself to be able finish works in time.
  90. LT (First-timer)
    I'm aiming for a comic with an interesting story and not too shabby visuals- doing the 12 hour variation.

List of Nominations

  • 24 filial piety father (24孝爸爸) for Hanse, nominated by Ong Hoey Siang
  • Artist With World Tightest Jeans for Noah Lee, nominated by Anson Tan
  • Awesomest Botak Creator for James Leong, nominated by JF Koh
  • Best award namer and giver for Sharilyn tang, nominated by someone
  • Best awarder award for Megan Boey, nominated by Clara K
  • Best Charsiew Tracker Award for Benjamin Chee, nominated by Ray Toh
  • Best Father-Daughter Combo for kelvin chan, nominated by JF Koh
  • Best Martial Art Comic Creator for James Leong, nominated by Ong Hoey Siang
  • Best Sleeper Award for HONG Brian Jae Hyung, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Best Sleeper Award for HONG Brian Jae Hyung, nominated by Clara K
  • Best sleeper award for HONG Brian Jae Hyung, nominated by bel
  • Best Sleeper Award for HONG Brian Jae Hyung, nominated by Griselda
  • Best Sleeper Award for HONG Brian Jae Hyung, nominated by Charlene
  • Biggest Underachiever Award for Gary Choo, nominated by Jerry Teo
  • Bringing the most number of snacks.. for Ong Wan Kee (Qiqi), nominated by BA level 1 animation art.
  • C'est la Guerre Award for Alize, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Caveman Award for Ray Toh, nominated by Jerry Teo
  • Caveman award for Ray Toh, nominated by James Leong
  • Caveman Award for Ray Toh, nominated by Anson Tan
  • cutest rabbit drawing evar for Ang Shi Ying, nominated by anon
  • Cutest-Dino-ever creator award for Clio Ding, nominated by James Leong
  • El Writer With the Biggest Beard for Wayne Rée, nominated by JF Koh
  • epic winning for Peck Jun Hao, nominated by anon
  • Father of the Year for Hanse, nominated by Jerry Teo
  • Father of the year for Hanse, nominated by James Leong
  • Jamie Hewlett Award for Tank Girl Attitude for Donna Lye, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Level Headed Classmate's Award For Most Appropriate Reminder To Just Go To Sleep Already for Griselda, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Lewis Carroll Award for.... . . . .. . . . ...."Where am I?" for Cassandra Rushton, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Made Chris Shaw Happy for Tran Vu Phuong Hoa, nominated by bel
  • Many Manly Tears Are Shed Award for Tran Vu Phuong Hoa, nominated by anon
  • Most Alarming Bloodshot Eyes for Muhammad Syahir Bin Adnan, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Most Alarming Laughing Fits Ever for Clara K. Supeno, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Most ambitious one in BA level 1. for Amanda Widjaja, nominated by Astrid Emeralda
  • Most Avant Garde Art Style Botak Creator for Pereira Irving Paul, nominated by JF Koh
  • Most Avant Garde Art Style Botak Creator for Pereira Irving Paul, nominated by James Leong
  • Most Black And Red Items In One Person's Possession Award for Azridjokoloro, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Most Confusing Love Story for Weenando, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Most Consistently Awesome Radio Station Deejays for Wayne Rée, nominated by Praveen Namasivayam
  • Most Consistently Awesome Radio Station Deejays for Danger Gene!, nominated by Praveen Namasivayam
  • Most Courage Displayed in Hostile Female Environment for HONG Brian Jae Hyung, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Most Courageous and Inspiring Mission Objective for Roro Mina Anindya, nominated by JF Koh
  • Most Courageous and Inspiring Mission Objective for Roro Mina Anindya, nominated by Ong Hoey Siang
  • Most Fantastic Vegetarian Comic Artist for Ho Wai Hong, nominated by Ong Hoey Siang
  • Most Globally Connected 24Hr Comics Challenger for Audrey Chan, nominated by JF Koh
  • Most Prolific Creator from Canada and Devoted Family Guy for Kelly Bender, nominated by JF Koh
  • Most Regretful Award for Jerry Teo, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Most regretful award for Jerry Teo, nominated by James Leong
  • Most Regretful Award for Jerry Teo, nominated by Ray Toh
  • Most Regretful Award for Jerry Teo, nominated by Pereira Irving Paul
  • Noisiest and Funniest Bearded Ang-Mo Guy In The Room for Danger Gene!, nominated by JF Koh
  • Noisy Ang Mo award for Danger Gene!, nominated by James Leong
  • Owner Of Cutest Horsy Pillow Award for Sarah Moses, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Prettiest Canvas Comic Award for MaryAnn Loo, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Ridiculously impressive 24 pages completed in under 12 hours for Cynthia Tedy, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • Super Good At Using Markers Award for Tran Dac Trung, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Talking To Paper To Make It Dry Faster Award for Cid Lacuesta, nominated by Megan Boey
  • Tear Jerker Award for Tran Vu Phuong Hoa, nominated by anon
  • Tear Jerker Award for Tran Vu Phuong Hoa, nominated by Clara K
  • The Gru Award for Villianary for Danger Gene!, nominated by Chris Shaw
  • The loudest sneeze ever, like ever. for Nicholas Oh, nominated by Manan
  • THE MOKEY AWARD (having the most creative nickname) for muhammad hafiz bin norman, nominated by anon
  • Too Many Monster Dicks Award for Azridjokoloro, nominated by Megan Boey