24-Hour Comics Day Singapore
Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day
Saturday, 1 October 2016
The challenge: Create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours!
Singapore chapter of www.24hourcomicsday.com
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Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2011

The event on 1 October 2011 at Goodman Arts Centre attracted 34 participants who stayed overnight. A handful of others did the challenge at home, some of whom came to join us at the closing party. The challenge in 2011 was part of Comics Exchange, a comics festival organized by the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore).

Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2011

One of the participants, Larie Cook (a 24-Hour Comics veteran, tall guy pictured below), came all the way from Amsterdam on a holiday to South-East Asia with his girlfriend. He found out we were doing 24-Hour Comics in Singapore, so he joined us!

Larie Cook receives his certificate of participation

Event Schedule

This is what we expect will happen at the venue on Saturday, 1 Oct 2011.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

9:00 am Registration, briefing, Q&A. Participants must read and sign a legal disclaimer. We will have thugs to toss out anyone who doesn't comply. Just kidding. About the thugs. Not about the disclaimer.
10:00 am Ready, get set, go

Sunday, 2 October 2011

10:00 am Pens down. Breakfast. Voting for completed works for "Best 24-Hour Comics Award"
11:00 am Closing party -- debriefing, final votes for "Best 24-Hour Comics", prize-giving, photo taking. Home participants are invited to join us.
12:00 pm Event close


Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2011 was supported by:
National Arts Council Association of Comic Artists (Singapore)

List of participants

Ho Wai Hong 1. Ho Wai Hong

Wai Hong took part in last year's 24-Hour Comics Day and did not complete his pages.

"This time, I want to find out if I have improved any and have what it takes to pull through. Plus, it's such a fun event! You get to mix with people who are crazy enough to do this!"

Wai Hong is a technical writer and the very first person to register for this year's event!
Paul Pereira Irving 2. Paul Pereira Irving

Paul is a tarot reader, a writer and an artist. He is not new to taking on creative challenges. In the past, he has done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and 30 Day Artist (40 artworks within 30 days).

"I am currently working on multiple media concept story that includes 40 artworks, a 20000 word novella and a 40 minute soundtrack album, all to be completed in 30 days.

"This series belongs to a major story arc that will continue with a short abstract art film in October and a 50,000 word novel in November.

"This 24-Hour comic day challenge will help me bring a comic book dimension to my story arc."

Check out Paul's current project at cclaon.tumblr.com
Benjamin Chee 3. Benjamin Chee

Ben is a game artist and was a home participant at last year's 24-Hour Comics Day. He is joining us this year on site.

"After the 24-Hour comics last year, I've dabbled into drawing comics much more. I'm learning to use comics better to tell little stories, to voice out some thoughts that are going on in my head.

"I'd like to think I'm slightly more confident about drawing comics than I was last year, so I hope I can see for myself what I can create and accomplish under the spontaneity offered by this challenge, being surrounded in the company of other passionate and skilful artists."
Alfonsus Wong 4. Alfonsus Wong

Alfonsus studies Visual Communication at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

"Tried it last year, didn't complete 24 pages. I've drawn more comics in school since then, took a graphic storytelling mod last semester.

"THUS, I have become more tolerant to comic induced mental pain, I WILL MAKE IT THIS YEAR IF I HAVE TO DIE, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. That and the fact that this is my busiest semester ever, yet the event just happened to fall on my week long school break. 'TIS A SIGN. =P "
Zi Qun 5. Zi Qun

Zi Qun was a home participant at last year's 24-Hour Comics Day. After seeing last year's photos and videos, he decided to join us at the venue to see for himself how it's like to be with everyone.

"After one year, I want to know how much have I improved, as an artist or a storyteller. I love the comic I did last year -- it was by far the most sophisticated story I'd ever written. I have to beat myself with a better story this year. With more confident art, more effective workflow and with more fun!"
Marcus Lin 6. Marcus Lin

Marcus started drawing comics two years ago as a hobby, collaborating with an aspiring writer friend. With a day job, progress was slow and he found himself distracted by gaming.

This is a pattern he wants to break.

"I want to push myself and see how far I can go this time, uninterrupted for 1 full day, in a confined environment with the support from other fellow procrastinators."
Larie Cook 7. Larie Cook

Larie is from Holland. For the part two years, he has taken part in 24-Hour Comics Day at Lambiek, a comic book store in Amsterdam. Because he is coming to Singapore and Malaysia for a vacation, he contacted us way early in July to see if we are doing it this year so that he can come join us.

Larie plans to create a story about orang-utans, which is a big reason for him to visit this region. "It would be my goal to have the finished book printed and sold, with part of the money going to perserve these great creatures."
8. Mohammad Suhaimi

Suhaimi is a teacher with a love for comics, so he wants to take on this crazy challenge in a competitive yet friendly environment.

"I used to contribute to a Malay anthology of comics called Gelak Khas which was co-funded by NAC, National Library Board and Berita Harian Malay daily. I think that this is a great opportunity to get exposure and my wife will probably say I am CRAZY."
Ariel Quahe 9. Ariel Quahe

Ariel is a private tutor who took part in the Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day last year. She did not complete her pages in time.

"After looking around at other participants' works and reflecting on my on project, I think I've identified the things I did wrong, so I know what to do or not to do this time. Also, I feel that my art skills have improved since last year, so I'm back with a vengeance. This year I will triumph -- 24 hours, you're going down!"
Clio DX 10. Clio DX

Clio is training to be an art teacher. She does dojinshi comics and has published a story in Arena Volume 0, an anthology put together by ACAS and MDA.

She joined Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day last year and had 3 unfinished pages to go when the bell rang. This year she vows to try harder.

"I NEED to draw more, whatever the occasion. I always complain that I don't have time to draw. As my mundane yet busy work schedule occupies so much of my time, this will be a precious 24 hour dedicated to what I truly like."
Ahmad Hashikin 11. Ahmad Hashikin

Ahmad is a teacher who has loved comics since he was old enough to remember anything, and it has always been his dream to finish an actual comic and tell a meaningful story. It's hard to find the time to do more than a page or two though these days, or squeeze in a drawing or two during meetings.

"Being in the company of others who love comics must be inspiring, and I look forward to being part of such a positive atmosphere with like-minded, fun-loving people. On a personal note, I hope to challenge myself and complete this project from start to finish."
Jessica Wang 12. Jessica Wang

Jessica is a student majoring in Graphic Novel at La Salle. For someone who is used to taking her time when it comes to drawing, 24 pages in 24 hours will be a real challenge.

"I always tend to write too much and draw too little till my comic becomes an (barely) illustrated storybook. Ha-ha. (please laugh with me.)"
Kow Wei Man 13. Kow Wei Man

Wei Man is a Communication and New Media graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). She has also just graduated from the FZD School of Design. She is tired of letting things get in the way, and wants to overcome her psychological barriers.

"There are stories that I want to tell, and that I think can only be told in the medium of comics. All I want is a space to sit down, sort out my thoughts, and just start drawing. For 24 hours. Trust me, that sort of space is really hard to find."
Sam Sharma 14. Sam Sharma

Sam is a games producer who has always wanted to do his own comics but has always been putting it off. The sense of wanting to be perfect causes him to overthink things and take too much time. He says the deadline will help him to get something done.

Sam was with us at last year's event and this will be the second time he is taking part. "I tried it last year and finished 18 pages. I want to finish 24 pages this year!"
Chris de Joya 15. Chris de Joya

Chris is a Filipino concept designer and illustrator based in Singapore. He has done work for clients in card games, videogames, comic books, and film.

Why did he sign up for this? "I want to get at least one comic under my belt before the end of the world."
16. Kay

Kay is a freelance illustrator. She has lots of stories to tell but has been putting it off for years. Her demons are procrastination and feeling intimidated by the challenge -- "I work as a colorist for a comic book company and I know how much work it is to create a comic.

"I guess this is the perfect opportunity for me to let all of that go and just do it."
Dinah Wee 17. Dinah Wee

Dinah is a graphic designer who has always had a head filled with characters and concepts waiting to become visual novels. This is a good opportunity to force herself to get started.

"I'm not the kind of person who can concentrate on serious drawings when people are around me so this will be a double challenge.

"I also want to get to know a few new faces. It's always nice to meet people with similar interests and see all sorts of drawing styles. Hopefully at the end, I would be able to complete a short story and gain enough experience points to drive me towards making more comics in my spare time."
Cai Lixian 18. Cai Lixian

Lixian is a part-time illustrator and was with us at last year's event. This will be the second time she is taking part.

"I didn't manage to finish anything. So this year is my second bid to push myself to do something in a time-pressured environment.

"Also, I haven't done any sequential art in a long time, so this is a really good way to kick back into gear once again. On top of this, it'll be cool to meet creative people."
Seow Kim Siang 19. Seow Kim Siang

Kim Siang is an estates officer who has an amazing talent in fine art. He loves to doodle and enjoys sleep deprivation. He was planning to join us last year but had to pull out due to last-minute work commitments.

"Having missed out on last year's event, I'm determined to finish all 24 pages with my fellow conspirator/collaborator Vincent Mack."

As a team, Kim Siang will draw and Vincent will write.
Vincent Mack 20. Vincent Mack

Vincent is a civil servant. He will be working with his good friend Seow Kim Siang.

"We were art students back in JC and have been talking about collaborating on a comic or graphic novel for eons but never had the balls or the time to try. Finally, fates met and the stars have aligned and we are going to take the plunge. Everyone else thinks we are nuts. We hope they are right."

As a team, Kim Siang will draw and Vincent will write.
Ho Kang Yung 21. Ho Kang Yung

Kang Yung is a part-time illustrator and "chronic procrastinator".

"I am keen to see how i react under pressure given the 24-hour deadline, and how much I can accomplish. I've never really drawn a comic before and hopefully i can challenge my creativity and endurance in this. And to discover whether sleep deprivation does help the creative process."
22. Jeanette Wong

Jeanette is an admin assistant. Her objective:

"I want to take this opportunity to challenge myself to come up with a comic of my own and just have fun with it, and maybe rule the world, though I'm not sure how a 24-hour comic challenge will aid me in world conquest."
Ma Yizhe 23. Ma Yizhe

Yizhe is a student who will become a full time manga artist in this October.

"Becoming a cartoonist is my dream since 11 years old. Finally, after ten years of study and preparation, the dream would become true in this coming month so I just want to know whether I am ready for my future. I think by going through this challenge, I will be more confident to pursue my dream."
Hanse 24. Hanse

Hanse is a designer and illustrator.

His goal for taking part is to overcome procrastination and get started.

"With so many things to do, so many distractions to bring you away from your drawing, its nice to have a deadline and work towards it with many like-minded individuals who love drawing, love comics and ready to beat the odds. It's a exciting challenge."
25. Christal Kuna

Christal is a student who used to "draw lots of comics as a wee thing", wrote some "terrible uncompleted stories".

"I've wanted to make a comic for myself for at least a decade now. It never happened either because my art wasn't good enough, or my stories weren't interesting enough. These are both still true, but inertia never got one anywhere! Art's the only thing I can ever force myself to stay up for, so this might just be a good way to kick myself into at least trying. (I haven't actually ever gotten past a cover page and perhaps a few thumbnails before abandoning hope.)

"Plus it would be great to meet up with other aforementioned crazy folks, since I'm entirely out of touch with any semblance of local comic/art scene! ...also, Ariel has been extremely encouraging of me in this endeavor. Heh."
26. Zhu Chuan

Zhu Chuan has completed his National Service and is preparing to go overseas for further studies.

His goal is to see what creative ideas he can churn out in 24 hours, as he sees that generating ideas is a skill he wants to work on.

Other reasons for taking part:

"To overcome procrastination? Check! To break the pattern of not finishing projects? Check!"
He Shuxin 27. He Shuxin

Shuxin is a teacher who is big on comics and humour. He loves working with children. As a qualified and registered instructor in both AMIS and NAC-AEP, he has taught more than 30 schools and private classes over the past 10 years.
Khym Chi 28. Khym Chi

Khym is a designer who started work recently. She always wanted to be an illustrator for stories but didn't have time to find that job.

"I want to see if i still have the skills to draw a comic. Since I completed college in May, I never really had the chance to sit down and work on what I want to work on because I got a job right away. Adapting to working life hasn't been easy since I lost a lot of my usually art time."

"The task of coming up with everything on the spot is a great challenge to my skills. I'll go the gaiman way and see how much i can get done.
29. Ocean Wang

Ocean is a painting conservator who is interested in a career in comics.

"I wanna try my hand at comic drawing, since it is a new goal i have set for myself as a career choice. But because of my current job i rarely get time to build my portfolio. So this contest gives me a chance to see what i am capable of. Most importantly though i want to have fun."
Lim Cheng Tju 30. Lim Cheng Tju (organizer also taking part)

Cheng Tju is actually a co-organizer of this event. He decided to join in the fun by writing a story for Stephani Soejono (Facebook), an artist in Bandung, Indonesia, who is doing 24-Hour Comics Day over there.

Stephani, or Fanni as she likes to be called, graduated from Sheridan College, Oakville. She knows English, Indonesian, Quebec French, Japanese and Javanese. Some of her amazing work can be found at sstephani.blogspot.com

Upstairs guys

One of our participants, Tze Wei, managed to wrangle a room from a friend upstairs of our venue at Block B. Thus, we are able to have 4 more creators joining us in the same building. Is that awesome or what?!

31. Tze Wei

Tze Wei is an academy staff who was blackmailed into this challenge by his two good friends, Ray and Jerry.

"It felt like the right time to try such a challenge, especially since two of my friends have already entered. To test my creative processes against a time constraint and see what I can come up with. More importantly, I want to prove that I still have the gas to go through something as crazy as this."
Ray Toh 32. Ray Toh

Ray is an illustrator and concept artist who recently published a book of his drawings.

"I wanted to try and see how far I can push with storytelling in a short limited time. I'm also hoping to explore different ways to speed up the comic drawing process and having the stress of completing it within a limited time acts as a motivation factor for me.

"I see it as a need, being a local artist, to give support to the local event to help grow the industry/market here. That is mainly why I thought of joining the event."
Jerry Teo 33. Jerry Teo, a.k.a. Jer Bear

Jerry is an illustrator based in Singapore specializing in military and technical illustration. He is also interested in the field of natural science and history and have illustrated in both subjects.

"I started out my career in illustration with a keen interest in comics. Its been a while and I'd like to get into it again. I'm pretty rusty, but I think it can be done. The problem isn't the art, it's crafting an interesting tale in 24 hrs."
34. Jansen Low

Jansen is an IT guy who is into comics as a hobby, and wants to see how he will fair against the pros of the industry.

He does not spend a lot of time drawing or consider himself as skillful as the other participants, but he just wants to join in the challenge for the fun of it and to tire himself out.

Home participants

Shuxian Lee 35. Shuxian Lee

Shuxian is a part time cubicle worker and full time artist.

"Well, sometimes you just need a deadline to force yourself to sit down and start drawing. I've been wanting to draw a short graphic novel for quite some time already but I never had the discipline or chance to. This time I could say that, I am taking part in this event and if anyone interrupts me while drawing I have legitimate reasons to snap at them."
36. Shari Chong

Shari is an artist and school teacher who loves getting messy and dirty and covered in ink, paint, paper, charcoal, etc.

"I've got to live and develop my passion for all lovely things artsy if I'm going to continue inspiring my students. I wanna tell them, "Eh, you know what Ms. Chong/Mrs.Ho is gonna do this weekend or not?"...

"And I'm sick and tired of the "I'll do it tomorrow, I have time" self-delusion. I WANT TO JUST DO IT AND I'm gonna! Really want to do something crazy to break the hamster wheel of the "day in, day out". I even convinced my recently acquired hubby to join me on this escapade. He ain't a trained artist, but he's got some mean storytelling skills and is willing to journey this adventure with me anyway!"

Shari looks forward to working side by side with like-minded people.
Max Loh Jia Liang 37. Max Loh Jia Liang

Max is a research officer from Malaysia.

"Just felt like giving this a try since time didn't permit me to join the Malaysian version of 24-Hour Comics Day back then (I'm a Malaysian BTW). Also, my friends encouraged me to join so I figured I'd take the plunge and register before giving it too much thought!

"Whatever happens, if I manage to finish 24 pages or not, I hope that I'll be able to take some lessons and experience away from this."
Quek Ming Wei 38. Quek Ming Wei

Ming Wei is an illustrator.

"My life so far has been a slew of unfinished projects both creative and otherwise. Every time I sit down and try to continue with one, I get tempted by influences from everywhere that morph into brand new ideas and scream for immediate attention. And every war I've fought in that sense has been nothing but stalemates on paper and in pixels.

"Which is why I want to challenge myself once again. Maybe I CAN tell a story if I sit at a table and do nothing but think and draw for 24 hours straight. Maybe all that creative atmosphere from everyone else in the drawing room will spur me on to create something great within 24 pages too. And maybe this time I can walk out victorious -- with a full comic to show off for once, and a big stupid smile on my face."
Rajamogan 39. Rajamogan

Rajamogan is an art director at Dreamerchant Designworks, who works with some of the best illustrators in Singapore. His own illustrations have been compared to Bill Sienkiewicz and Dave McKean. He is also involved in film and theatre.

Outside of his busy schedule, he makes it a point to take part in competitions and challenges every now and then. We're glad to have him join us for the fun!
40. Clara Low (one of two 11-year-old participants)

Clara is 11 years old and attends Primary 5 in a local mission school. She loves to draw manga and has produced lots of stories on pieces of paper, little booklets, bigger books and scratch pads.

Everyone who has seen her drawings compliments her work. Her mother Shirley entered her for this challenge to expose her to other similarly minded artists to find a direction forward for her to grow in this area alongside her schooling.

We look forward to meeting Clara at the closing party!
41. Steven Honeycutt

Steven is an actor.

"I love comics. I used to write and draw my own when I was younger. I'm a much better writer than I am an artist, but I do have my own certain "style" that people seem to like, so we'll see what happens when I'm pressured and have to put the two skills together."
42. Ayub Khan

Ayub is a mural painter.

"I have painted mural in 24 hours but not something like comics. So why not give it a shot and see if I can accomplish this too."
43. Jordan Ang (one of two 11-year-old participants)

Jordan is 11 years old and is in Primary 5 at Fengshan Primary School. He discovered his craze for comics when he started drawing them one year ago. He wants to try creating his own comic book.

"I got inspiration from the main character in a book that I recently read called 'Big Nate - On a Roll', who made his own comic book in order to make quick and easy money. I also want to gain recognition from more people.

"Another reason I want to join this is because I want to overcome my bad habit of procrastination. I hope that this can be a good experience for me."
44. Saunthars Subramaniam s/o Velu

Subra is a communications consultant. An artist friend of his told him about this challenge and recommendeded it.

"Yes true, there've been lots of projects begun and never finished. It will give me great pleasure to actually do some work that is complete and be recognised for it.

"My last one was way back when I did a experimental play and a short film -- back in 2000. The last few days have also been extremely serendipitous both professionally and personally, presenting me with various potential missions.

"I can think of no better way to 'climax' this week than though a solid comic story - set in the dark underbelly of -- where else -- Singapore itself!"
45. Maticka Marie

Marie finds drawing and comics healing and helps her deal with the realities of life. The make-believe world is another life. "I find a drawing understands me more than people do. I can represent my angst through it."
46. Li

Li took the challenge last year and wants to "shoot for actually finishing this time, heh."

"I literally have never been able to finish a single comic except when there were contest deadlines involved, so clearly this means I must sign myself up for every single deadline in sight in order to be even remotely productive."