24-Hour Comics Day Singapore
Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day
Saturday, 1 October 2016
The challenge: Create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours!
Singapore chapter of www.24hourcomicsday.com
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Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2010

Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2010
Tired by happy at the end of the very first 24-Hour Comics Day in Singapore, 3 October 2010. Beautiful photo by our friend, the talented lens-for-hire Kit Mun.

The start of 24-Hour Comics Day in Singapore

In 2010, JF Koh and Lim Cheng Tju noticed that the rest of the world seems to be having all the fun. Even Malaysia had a 24-Hour Comics Day in 2006 and 2007. Singapore was getting left out! So we decided to start organizing 24-Hour Comics Day in Singapore!

Our very first 24-Hour Comics Day in Singapore took place on Saturday, 2 October 2010, at School Of Thought at Queen Street. A group of 24 writers and artists in Singapore took on the 24-Hour Comics Day challenge.

Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day 2010

Event schedule

Saturday, 2 October 2010

9:30 am Briefing + Q&A for participants
10:00 am Start time

Sunday, 3 October 2010

10:00 am End time
10:05 am Debriefing + prize giving + photo taking
11:00 am Event close



Some of us finished 24 pages; others gave it a good shot. Check out our Comics Showcase!

Awesome videos by Hoey Siang


Sonny Liew

Sonny is a professional comics artist and a friend of many of us comics people in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world. He said YES the minute we asked him if he would like to participate.

Sonny has done work for the big publishers in the US. Recently, he put together Liquid City, an anthology of comics by creators mostly in South East Asia.
Samrat Sharma (Sam for short)

Sam is a games producer who has always wanted to do his own comics but has always been putting it off. The sense of wanting to be perfect causes him to overthink things and take too much time. He says the deadline will help him to get something done.

Sam confesses that he is not good at drawing, and would like to pair up with an artist. If you are an artist looking for a writer, please contact us or get in touch with Sam directly!
Clio DX

Clio may still be an art student, but she already has a body of work. Clio does dojinshi comics, and has published a story in Arena Volume 0, an anthology put together by ACAS and MDA.

She signed up for 24-Hour Comics Day because "it's a good way to force myself to draw something." Clio is taking this as a sort of training. By having a deadline, she will have a goal to work towards.
Ho Wai Hong

Wai Hong was formerly a software engeneer and is now a technical writer who writes about Internet security appliances, software and hardware manuals and instruction guides. He started doing his own comics before, but always stopped halfway, finding it harder and harder to continue when he judged his story or art work to be not good enough.

24-Hour Comics Day for him will be an environment in which everyone inspires and encourages one another to achieve the same objective. It won't matter if the results are not superb, because pushing it through and getting something out will be an accomplishment in itself. It will be fun!
Alfonsus Wong

Alfonsus studies Visual Communication at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He is the only guy crazy enough to apply for Intro To Hand-drawn Animation. He has tried drawing comics for competition and for an assignment, and both attempts left him dissatisfied with himself.

He sees 24-Hour Comics Day as an opportunity to brush up on his drawing and storytelling skills, and to learn to think more conceptually in order to say more with pictures. Oh, and he is taking on this challenge also because he is masochistic.

Snares was formerly a storyboard artist and is now freelancing and doing his own comics project. He wants the local comics scene to be more vibrant, like in other countries where there is more experimentation. He sees 24-Hour Comics Day as a rare platform supporting indie comics and artists, and wants to use it as a chance to get something done, and to meet other creators.

He has recently found a studio space and wants to form a comics group to support one another and learn together.

Desiree runs her own small business selling self-made jewellery and crystals. She is not new to comics, having already done 3 issues of her own dark fantasy comics, and intends to use this challenge to do issue 4, which she has been putting off because of other work commitments. The time pressure will help her get things done.

Desiree studied in Melbourne, Australia, and has a degree in anthropology.
Raymond Choo

Raymond is a systems analyst with HDB. His goal is simple. Although he is confident that he has the skills, he has not gotten round to creating his own comics. This is a chance for him to sit down and focus on getting something done quickly.

He looks forward to being surrounded and motivated by others, and sees 24-Hour Comics Day as something that needs to be experienced. On the day, he will get to find out if he has what it takes to see it through!
Goh Zhengyang, Vincent

Vincent is a recent graduate from School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He is taking on 24-Hour Comics Day as a challenge to see what he can accomplish within the limited time, without any preparations.

For him, it will not be about brushing up his skills, because he knows there will not be enough time for that. He looks forward to having fun and meeting other folks who are also into making comics.
Cai Lixian

Lixian recently graduated from School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and is still figuring out what to do next.

She has seen the 24-Hour Comics anthology in her school library, and was impressed, so she decided to challenge herself by doing her own 24-Hour comics.
JF Koh

JF is one of the organizers of this event. He is a freelance web consultant and developer, and is secretly working on a series of graphic novels about assassins in ancient China, based on actual history of the Spring and Autumn Period.

He always thought of himself as being more of a writer, until two years ago when he rediscovered the joy of drawing. He is still learning how to draw.>
Chua Eng Chee

Eng Chee is a student at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He has always loved comics and been wanting to create his own. However, he is not proud of his past attempts, so 24-Hour Comics Day will be an opportunity for him to try again and to improve himself.
Guangyang and Bernadette

GY and Bern are the only writer-artist team to have registered for this event. They are two students from Pulau NTU interested in creating comics and enjoying the process of it. GY draws, Bern writes, and together they enjoy long walks on the beach, Shounen Jump manga, and eating Nutella bread at midnight.

GY and Bern have been tossing around story ideas for a few months, but never gotten round to doing an actual comic story. Their objective for taking on 24-Hour Comics Day is to just go ahead and get it done.
Ariel Quahe

Ariel studies in Thailand and is taking a break before heading back in October. She is taking up the 24-Hour Comics Day challenge to confront procrastination and the ironically counter-productive drive for perfection.

During the middle of school term, she could not do her own comics because of school work, but now that she is having a vacation, she has still not done it. She looks forward to being with other artists struggling with the same thing and being inspired by them.

RK is a student doing a graphic novel course at the La Salle College of the Arts. She finds that when working on her graphic novel, she pays a lot of attention to details and her progress is slow. When something goes wrong, she would tear away the page and put off starting over until the next day. On the other hand, whenever she does it spontaneously, it actually comes out better.

She is taking on the 24-Hour Comics Challenge because she believes the results will be interesting.
Andrew Tan

Drew is not new to comics, having contributed before to the Liquid City anthology. He has even done spontaneous comics before, but only 1 or 2 pages at a time. Doing 24 pages spontaneously will be more challenging but will be fun.

He looks forward to meeting other creators, to share the spirit of creativity and to learn from them. He believes that if we want people to have fun reading our comics, it's important for us to have fun creating it.
Kow Wei Man

Wei Man is a Communication and New Media graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). She does freelance work and will soon be enrolling in the FZD School of Design.

She has done 1 or 2 page comics before, and wants to try her hand at something longer. Her goal for 24-Hour Comics Day is just to finish it in time, to get a sense of how much she can come up with in a day. When doing comics alone, she can get demoralized easily, so she hopes it will be a different experience with other creative people around!
Shum Kah Fai

Kah Fai works at Nanyang Polytechnic, assisting in animation and teaching drawing. He has worked on his own comics before, but would end up setting it aside when he ran into a stumbling block.

He owns a set of the 24-Hour Comics series from 2005 to 2008, and was excited when he heard that the event will be happening in Singapore for the first time. So he decided to give it a shot and see if he can pull this off.
James Tan

James studied engineering back in school, but due to his personal interest, ending up teaching himself to be an artist. For the past 8 years, he has been running his own business doing a mix of animation and illustration. He is a friend of Drew's, and they both signed up together for 24-Hour Comics Day.

James looks forward to meeting like-minded people, to rub ideas off one another, to look over their shoulders and to see how other people do it. Staying awake for the entire time will be a different challenge!
Wong Li Hua

Li Hua is a student in the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

She has known about 24-Hour Comics Day for a few years now, and has been wanting to participate. In fact, she did a 6 hour thing just for fun, and came up with 3 and a half pages. When she heard it was going to happen in Singapore for the first time, she immediately signed up.
Paul Pereira Irving

Paul is a tarot reader, a writer and an artist. He is not new to taking on creative challenges. In the past, he has done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and 30 Day Artist (40 artworks within 30 days).

He finds that these challenges help him train his discipline in writing and painting. He has published his own experimental art books before, but has never done a proper graphic novel. So, what he wants to explore next is creating comics. In fact, last year, he searched for a Singapore chapter of 24-Hour Comics Day but could not find it. He finally heard about this one from his friend Desiree, who is also taking part.
Christine Chan

Christine has been writing and drawing her own stuff and putting it up on the web, but was not pleased with her work and decided to take them down. 24-Hour Comics Day is an opportunity for her to muster up the courage and just do it, and not worry about what it's gonna look like.

Christine was previously in the events industry, and now works in a film production company as a production assistant, where she enjoys watching the creative people working. She has studied animation in college, but thought animation was a lot of work.

Home participants

Some participants registered after the venue was full, so we allowed them to take part from home.

Poh Zi Qun

Zi Qun is an animation student at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He wants to challenge himself to produce something "out of desperation". He describes himself as a slow worker by default, paying too much attention to unnecessary details instead of the big picture. His goal is to let go of his tendency to over-plan, so that he can take a leap of faith when doing his 24-Hour Comics.

Zi Qun is friends with Benjamin Chee, and the two of them may be doing the challenge together as home participants.
Benjamin Chee

Benjamin graduated recently from doing animation in La Salle. He has started picking up some freelance work doing character animation and storyboarding for short films, and is available for full-time work.

He has never tried doing any comics professionally. While he has spent entire 24-hour stretches doing client work, he has never spent that kind of time doing any personal projects. This will be an opportunity for him to come up with something of his own by taking up this challenge.
Julian Futanto

Julian is a 3rd year student doing illustration at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). He is also interested in photography, video editing, and motion graphics. When he graduates, he is thinking of becoming a concept artist, although he is still exploring and undecided about what he will do.

Julian will be doing his 24-Hour Comics as a mental challenge to overcome procrastination. He thinks the deadline will be helpful, and the challenge will be fun!


The Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day aimed to achieve these objectives:

  • To promote comics as a viable creative medium for artists and writers.
  • To build a community of comics creators to help and support one another.
  • To help participants understand their own creative process and build confidence.
  • To increase the activity level of comics creation in Singapore.
  • To generate brand awareness for sponsors.


This event would not have been possible without the support of our kind sponsors: